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The sad look on my son's face as he asked, "Mummy, are you not going with me?". The image above is one I have trouble erasing from my memory.

This scene still sticks in my mind, and I do not want my greatest enemy to have to experience it.

In August 2021, our family went on a group vacation to a beautiful town in Kent, England. There was a lot of beautiful scenery and amazing conversations. The food was delicious and there was plenty of laughter.

Nevertheless, one thing resonates with me, how I let my son down. This is the hardest thing for parents to go through.

Swimming during summer holidays is the best. When Paa K was young, we used a baby pool on vacation. Now that he's older, we had to use the big pool.

The children's mothers joined them while they got ready for swimming. For a second, my heart slowed. Does that mean I have to swim too. This is a disaster. I'm shaking like a pregnant fish. My face was burning from embarrassment. I had no other option but to breathe deeply. It would be nice if I could hide in a hole NOW.

When I saw my son waiting for Mummy to join in, I had to tell him to come closer. I whispered with a shaking voice.

"Sorry darling Mummy cannot join you".

Let me hold back my tears again.

Due to Paa K's desire to go swimming, I asked my friends to watch him!

One of the hardest decisions I had to make was to tell my son that he would not be swimming

In that moment, I felt completely useless!

What should I do? Should I just sit by the pool and watch in shame or should I hide my shameful face in a cupboard and cry my eyes out?

My eyes filled with tears before I even had the chance to hold them back. In the toilet, I had a good cry-fest!!! As I thought about it, it dawned on me that my friend would instinctively save their child in an emergency in the water. With my eyes as red as a flaming blaze, I had to rush back to the poolside.

By the pool, this was the longest day of my life. Everyone was having such a good time that they didn't even notice me having a pity party by the side.

I was forced to make some hard decisions by the poolside. The vow I made to myself was to enroll and learn to swim immediately.

I found an evening swimming school that catered to adults that afternoon. A swimming

school called ABC Swimming School. I ordered my swimming gear online (swim pants, goggles, float, and everything else I needed) from

My swimming journey has not been smooth ,along the way, there have been bumps. There are times when I doubt my ability to accomplish this. I persevered despite my shortcomings. Regardless of what the excuse may be, there are enough reasons for me to go swimming.

I cannot explain the joy we experienced when we swam side-by-side on our next swim holiday in 2022. I felt so fulfilled when I found out this was the highlight of my son's vacation. This holiday is all he talks about, how he and Mummy played on so many water slides.

Hence, I feel so proud as a mummy and earned my Olympic swimming gold medal for mummies.

What a wonderful opportunity and unforgettable moment.
I am fit, and I have extra bragging rights: I can swim!!

During school week, my son and I swim together, and I look forward to this quality time. I realised that having enough valid reasons motivates me to exercise.

We all just need to find the right reasons, be healthier, set an example for our children or even prove to ourselves that we can do more than we think we can.

Once we have the right reasons, it will be easier to exercise consistently and lead a healthy lifestyle. We can all find reasons to live a healthy and active lifestyle.


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