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My body Is My Temple

My Body Is a Temple I'm responsible for my mental and physical health. An elderly man introduced me to this statement early in my career.

'My body is my temple'

This is what he said whenever we offered him unhealthy food. So I got two extra doughnuts, creamy biscuits, and all the savoury red label foods. I ENJOYED IT. Then I looked at him strangely - he's missing out!! Since my awakening, I have gained a deeper understanding of this statement.

Over the years, my behaviour has become more similar to that of this man. It is very important for me to live in a healthy and active environment.

My physical health affects every aspect of my life.

By maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle, I will be able to live a very fulfilling life.

I choose to lead an active and healthy lifestyle based on the knowledge that I have acquired. My routine does not include dieting. The goal of my life is to remain active and healthy for as long as possible.

It is time to start the NO NONSENSE DIET! Treat your body like a temple by staying active and healthy.
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