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What no one tells you about hydration?

As the weather warms up, we all look for ways to stay hydrated. . We drink more fluids to stay healthy and function well when it's hot, just like a car needs gasoline to run. The UK National Health Service (NHS) recommends that the average person drinks 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.

When I was a child, water was the first thing I asked for whenever I was thirsty.

However, we now have a range of drinks to choose from, from sugary to non-sugary. There are many options, so it's difficult to choose the healthiest option.

Keeping ourselves and our families hydrated and limiting sugar consumption is important this summer season. It's easier to reduce or replace sugary drinks when we are offered healthier alternatives.

There is a link between our health and the beverages we drink.

Try switching to :

Photo credit: children's heath

It is a good idea to look at the ingredients list before buying juices..


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