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"A.M. Bliss: The Secret Sauce to Why I Choose Morning Exercise for a Vibrant Life!"

Numerous individuals I have observed experience a decline in health as they approach mid-life. This is similar to a car that runs smoothly when new but begins to experience performance issues and break down as it ages. Just as a well-maintained car can last for a long time, taking care of our health in our younger years can prevent decline and maintain our well-being as we age.

Since I was a child, I have been a scared child of old age and illness. I do not enjoy seeing people in pain. Over the years, I have realised that most of these illnesses and sicknesses can be related to unhealthy lifestyle choices and poor habits.

My motivation to wake up early and engage in morning exercise extends beyond merely maintaining a good physical body. I aim to ensure my body remains resilient and capable of caring for me as I age. Consequently, I invest a significant amount of time in physical fitness through morning routines. My overarching goal is to enjoy life to the fullest, aging gracefully while embracing a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Despite the widely known benefits of exercise, finding the right time for a consistent routine poses a challenge, especially when balancing the complexities of adulthood.

Why Choose the Morning:

Being a working professional mom with a hectic lifestyle, finding time for exercise or gym attendance seems challenging. Rising 30 minutes earlier than my family allows for a distraction-free environment. This precious time enables me to prioritize my physical fitness, providing the energy necessary to tackle daily tasks.

Developing a morning routine involves a 20-minute exercise session, followed by the reward of savouring freshly brewed coffee while reflecting on life and upcoming tasks. This timed routine has fostered consistency, significantly impacting my physical appearance.

Personal Benefits:

Apart from heightened attention focus, clarity of thought, and a positive mood throughout the day, I have observed improved health and sustained energy. Those around me marvel at the transformation, confirming the effectiveness of the routine. Motivated by this positive change, I founded the F4Life group to encourage like-minded individuals toward an active and healthy lifestyle.

Recognising the rarity of early morning exercisers reinforces my sense of accomplishment, setting a victorious tone for the day. This mindset instils discipline, confidence, enabling me to confidently face the challenges ahead.

Personal Growth and Discipline:

Setting and adhering to a challenging instruction boosts my happiness and discipline. Embracing challenges becomes a natural pursuit, knowing I possess the capability to overcome them. This newfound confidence radiates, making me feel more fulfilled and capable of handling any task.

For me, morning exercise is a personal commitment, a source of joy, and a moment to be present for myself. It serves as a cornerstone for my happiness and overall well-being.

In essence, when you define your "why," morning exercise transforms from a task into a purposeful journey, making it not just easier but deeply meaningful.

Why don't you join me and let's enjoy the morning AM bliss together.


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